Our employees put long-lasting make-up to the test during our holiday dance party

There is a commonly accepted notion in the beauty industry that makeup looks best for about an hour after application. Once he has a chance to soften and become one with your skin, he feels less and, in the opinion of many, is much more pleasant. But what if there are an open bar and a dance party at this time? Are you going to end up with the ingenious, disheveled look of Kate Moss ’90s eyeliner, Grace Jones’ glamorous studio54 … or a sweaty mess?

We all know that wearing an extended makeup can last much longer than most clothes, but as it goes away, it can be a lot more unpredictable. With all the new long-lasting makeup on the market recently, we decided to test five at the annual Refinery29 party. Then, every hour, we checked our testers to take pictures of their trip. Click to see more.

Whether you have a handful of festive occasions or want to energize your Christmas work, it’s time to wipe your best dress and give your look a serious look.

Since most of these gatherings take place after work, you will not want to rock completely on your desk – on party glamor. Instead, you have to rely on a variety of products that can change your appearance in a few minutes after dark.
From the festive interpretation of the smoky eye to classic red lips and shimmering reflections, what makeup should you choose?

The ultimate guide to the Christmas party etiquette

At this point, you should already have a good idea of what you are going to wear, so be guided by your happy makeup.
Sporting face to face? So a sober beauty look is enough, while classic eyeglasses offer a show and a drama.

If your party attire shines with splendor, we recommend you highlight your skin with a fresh complexion and caress the cheekbones with precision. A smooth, moisturized canvas is essential here. Make sure your skin is perfectly hydrated before applying your favorite pens, be it Faux Filter from Honda Beauty or Sheer Glow from Dewy Like Nars.

For a subtle touch of seasonal glow, finish with a swing highlighter along your bones front, cheeks, nose and dotted in your cupid bow before wiping your pout with the perfect nude lippie.
However, if your chosen outfit shines on shine, the best thing to do is to wear it on your face.

The key to taking off this look is to take a less elaborate approach by building sequins slowly – do not forget to pepper the eye area with loose pigments, use a glittery eyeliner, or apply a disco nail polish.Or is there something more Christian than a big red lipstick?

A makeup collection that you absolutely must have. Depending on your ensemble, you can choose between light berry tones and darker shades to create an edgy and grumpy mood.